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Daily Feeding Schedule Boosts On-Farm Catfish Production

Catfish growers who feed their fish each day--rather than every other day--can boost production, according to a study by Agricultural Research Service scientists. The researchers increased pond production of catfish 30 percent by feeding 30 percent more feed--and by offering it on a daily basis.     (more...)

Purrfecting the Catfish

Research to develop meatier, tastier, and faster growing catfish is paying off. Agricultural Research Service scientists at the Catfish Genetics Research Unit (CGRU) in Stoneville, Mississippi, have bred a new catfish variety-USDA 103-scheduled to be made available to catfish producers in February 2001.   (more...)

Nailing the Snail That  Harbors a Fish Parasite

The pelican also unwittingly harbors a small parasitic flatworm that-once it makes its way into channel catfish-can have a big financial impact on the Delta catfish industry.   (more...)

A Better Way to Measure Catfish Feed Intake, Growth

How does feed intake affect catfish growth? To answer that question, geneticist Jeffrey T. Silverstein has developed a technique that tracks tiny glass beads mixed with catfish feed as they move through a fish's body.   (more...)

Partnership Could Oust Off-Flavor in Fish

Agricultural Research Service scientists are teaming up with Abraxis, Inc., of Hatboro, Pa., to help rid fish of offensive flavors known as "off-flavors."   (more...)

Potassium Permanganate Kills Fish Parasite

Fish farmers may soon have a better way to treat a serious parasitic disease of catfish, known as ich or whitespot. Scientists found that potassium permanganate quickly stops the parasite in its tracks.  (more...)

New Vaccines for Aquaculturists

Like people, fish have their share of diseases and need vaccines to keep them healthy. Agricultural Research Service scientists at Auburn, Alabama, have developed several of these vaccines and are now closing in on one that protects fish from a Streptococcus bacterium.    (more...)

Algicide Offers New Way to Fight Off-Flavor in Catfish

Blue-green algae give catfish farmers the blues.

Certain types of blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, produce off-flavor compounds that can give catfish a muddy or earthy taste, which keeps them from being marketable. Affected fish are held in ponds for costly weeks until the compounds leave their bodies.  (more...)

Managing Off-Flavor Problems in Pond-Raised Catfish

Problems with inconsistent flavor quality occur in all food industries, but are especially important in aquaculture because these foods are often more expensive than other sources of animal protein. To capture and maintain market share, aquaculture products must be of consistent, superior quality.  (more...)

American Fish Farmers Could "Clean Up" with Chinese Carp

Chinese carp is a big seller in Europe and Asia, and a hit in the United States' ethnic markets. But the carp's extremely bony body has kept it off most menus here.  (more...)


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