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$200 BASIC  PLAN  This is a one page site about the size of this page.  It includes up to three photos and six updates a year.  Your address on the Internet will be and email or you can use your regular email address.   We reroute all e-mail messages to your current e-mail account.  Your web site will be submitted monthly to all the major search engines so people can easily find your site.  We will design you a custom animated banner and display it everyday on Catfish News Front Page to help build  traffic to your site.  You will have a link from Catfish News to your web.  We are totally committed to developing you an attractive site and helping you build traffic to your new site.  We pay all server fees.  No monthly charges to you.  We don't charge a separate design, setup, or installation fee.  Everything is included in the yearly cost!

Total Cost-$200/year.  No Hidden Fees!

DELUXE  PLAN  The deluxe plan includes all the features of the Basic Plan but has four web pages, up to twelve photos and can be updated twelve times a year!  This offers you the chance to let the viewer who is not familiar with your operation find all the information they need. You can showcase your operation and let customers know about upcoming events, even introduce customers to your employees and family members. This value packed plan should pay for itself by selling your program to new customers 24 hours a day. 

Total Cost-only $1/day ($365/year).

DOMAIN  PLAN If you want your own domain name (subject to availability) with the URL and an email address of we can add it to either of the above plans.  Additional cost-$240/year.  See if your name is already taken by typing your name in the box below:

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