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"The Catfish is a Plenty Good Enough Fish For Anyone" - Mark Twain

catfish,Mississippi,registered,catfish,pond raised,ranch,Catfishcatfish,Mississippi,registered,catfish,pond raised,ranch,Catfishcatfish,Mississippi,registered,catfish,pond raised,ranch,Catfish

It's great to live on a working 2,600 acre ranch in northeast Mississippi.  We raise about 1,250,000 pounds of catfish a year, as well as hay, soybeans and corn.  Our farm raised catfish are exceptionally lean and  high in protein and are raised in an environment engineered to produce a superior quality product. Our ponds are built from a clay foundation and filled with sparking fresh rain water.  The catfish are fed high mineral, protein rich food that floats on top of the water for the cleanest, most efficient possible results.  It takes 12 months for the fish to grow from a 5" fingerling to a market size 1 3/4 pound catfish.  At harvest we transport the fish in our special aerated trucks that keep the fish alive until the minute before processing. 

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